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ITH Bolting Technology, brand distributed in Italy by FRUSCA SRL, is a Worldwide Leader over 40 years for the development and the supply of complete systems for the Tightening and Loosening of Industrial Bolted Connections. ITH Bolting Technology, was the first to introduce the Tensioning process in the Gas and Steam Turbine Industries. This concept of engineering innovation has been a part of ITH Bolting Technology from the beginning. Through its entrepreneurial ability, ITH Bolting Technology has managed to develop better and effective solutions at national and international level, wich represents today for an industrial standard and constantly evolving. These achievements combined with the constant commitment to engineering innovation, innovation desire and the experience over the years, have confirmed ITH Bolting Technology as a market leader in Hydraulic, Friction-Free and Torsion-Free Tensioning and achievement of new products in order to adapt to the all customer needs. ITH Bolting Tecnhology provides Bolt Tensioning Cylinders, Hydraulic Torque Wrenches, Electric, Battery-Powered and Pneumatic Nut Runners, Electric,Pneumatic and Battery High Pressure Pump Units, Hand Lever High Pressure Pump Units, Testing and Controlling Systems and even more. ITH Bolting Tecnhology in addition to providing Bolting Tools, offers solid Services and Solutions based on customer needs, Rental Tools, Assistance on-site for Bolting Service and customer Service.

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