Slewing Bearings

FRUSCA Slewing Bearings (also named Antifriction BearingSlew Ring) are mechanical components made of two Drilled Rings (one Inner and one Outer Ring), a gear where needed on one of two, and an internal Rolling System to stand simultaneously Axial and Radial Loads, Tilting Moments, also of considerable values. The Fixing Holes and the simple Manufacturing Shape of the Slew Bearings, permit an easy Mounting and a sensible Cost Reduction for the Manufacturing of the companion Structures. FRUSCA SRL technically supports its Customer in developing of Standard Slew Bearings from catalogues, Special and Made on drawing, Without Gear, External Gear, Internal Gear, from diameter 150 mm to 6200 mm, in different manufacturing shapes from Module 2. FRUSCA Slewing Bearings, depending on the constructive shape, have specific application destinations. FRUSCA Slewing Bearings has a limit speed. Beyond this limit are not considered because they affect the life of the same. The Materials, Treatements and type of Clearance of FRUSCA Slewing Bearings are on various classifications; chosen and used according to use of them. On request FRUSCA provides a Life Time Calculation of any Slewing Bearings. Therefore, whenever customer wants to use Slewing Bearings, FRUSCA SRL offers a prepared technical staff for the support in the choice of the Slew Bearings most suitable for Your needs.

In addition to the FRUSCA Slewing Bearings, FRUSCA SRL supplies Pinions on request. The Pinions (also named Spur Gears) are Mechanical Components of various sizes, which are used with the FRUSCA Slewing Bearings to transmit the Rotary Motion in order to adopt an appropriate reduction of the motion transmission ratio.The Pinions, depending on the construction, have specific and exclusive particular application destinations. They are developed, built and supplied according to the customer's requests and needs. Whenever customer wants to use PinionsFRUSCA SRL offers a prepared technical staff for the support in the choice of the Pinions most suitable for Your needs.

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