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KINEMATICS MANUFACTURING INC. brand distributed in Italy by FRUSCA SRL, is a Worldwide Leader over 20 Years for the development and the supply of complete systems for the Slewing Drive with 100% Self-Locking Worm Gear that permit to transmit the Maximum Torque between the worm gear and the rotating ring. The KINEMATICS MANUFACTURING INC. Slewing Drives are equipped with Standard Flange input for Hydraulic or Electric Motor. The KINEMATICS MANUFACTURING INC. Patented Hourglass Design is Unique because it can Withstand and Grant a Survivability Load that is four to nine greater than alternative products. The Special Hourglass Screw Shape allows More Teeth to be engaged at same time, up to 9, enabling much higher torque endurance. The Special shape of the Hourglass Screw allows More Teeth to be engaged on time, enabling much higher torque endurance. Thanks to this Technology, we can supply Durable and Reliable Slewing Drive for your equipments. The KINEMATICS MANUFACTURING INC. Innovations including High Availability and Reliability Integrated Drives are widely used in industrial and mobile applications; it works an important role in promoting the exponential growth of industrial scale solar installations around the world. Thanks to this technology we are able to supply Durable and Reliable Slew Drive for your equipment. For very high torques, there is also the possibility of Double Screw Drive. Additionally, the KINEMATICS MANUFACTURING INC. Slewing Drives provide solutions of Controlled Torque for many industries and applications. This concept of Engineering Innovation has been a part of KINEMATICS MANUFACTURING INC. from the beginning. Through its entrepreneurial ability has managad to develop better and effective solutions at National and International level, wich represent today an industrial standard and constantly evolving. These achievements combined with the constant commitment to Engineering Innovation, innovation desire and the experience over the years, have confirmed that the KINEMATICS MANUFACTURING INC. Slewing Drives as a market leader on an industrial and global scale in the wind, photovoltaic, industrial, etc. All this has led KINEMATICS MANUFACTURING INC. Slew Drive to the achievement of new products in order to adapt to the customer needs. The KINEMATICS MANUFACTURING INC. Slew Drives, depending on manufacturing shape, have different specific applications. FRUSCA SRL offers a prepared technical staff for the support in the choice of the Slewing Drives most suitable for Your needs.

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