Special Lubrificants

The Special Industrial Lubricants VOLER, distributed by FRUSCA SRL, had been studied and developed for demanding in both Heavy and Light Industry customers, which give great importance to Reliability even under the Harshest Operating Conditions. What began as technical consulting over 50 years ago, has developed into a well-known brand and recommended by them. The Special Industrial Lubricants VOLER products are the most absolute and exclusive brand in the formulation and production of Oils, Greases, Lubricants, Pastes and Compounds, etc. The Special Industrial Luricants VOLER products range is suitable for any use and industries including OEM, Wind Farms, Railway Engineering, Construction Machinery, Oil Fields, Offshore, Marine, Automotive, Cement, Agriculture and Fishing, Defense, Paper Manufacturing, Food Packaging, Earthmoving, Civil Engineering, Mining and Quarrying, Steel Production, Metalworking, Power Generation, Brick, Textile, Electronics and General industries, etc. The Special Industrial Lubricants VOLER products are characterized by a High Load Carrying Capacity and Grip, Resistance to Dirty, Water and Extreme Weather Conditions. All Special Industrial Lubricants VOLER are manufactured under a rigorous Quality Control Regime and with particular attention to Traceability and Improvement of Product Performance, having Health, Safety and Environmental issues as peculiarities. The Special Industrial Lubricants VOLER effectively prevents Abrasion, Wear and Corrosion. Consequently, once applied to the product, it follow that the result is Long Lasting and No requiremnt of Assistance.

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