Systems for Measuring Forces

Dr. Brandt Gmbh, a brand distributed in Italy by FRUSCA SRL, is a Worldwide Leader over 70 years for the development and the supply of complete systems for Measuring Systems and Detection of the Forces. Stated manufacturer and Technology Leader in the field of high-precision measuring systems for individual fields of application. Dr. Brandt Gmbh supplies Force and Compression Measurement Technology which plays a vital role in quality assurance and processes control in industry that meet the highest requirements.These measuring systems, designed and taylor-made, can be implemented not only for new systems but also as spare parts on existing systems. In addition to their reliable and high-precision operation, Dr. Brandt Gmbh products are also known for their particularly long service life. Through its entrepreneurial and pioneering ability in Measuring Systems and detection of the Forces, it has managed to develop better and more effective solutions at national and international level, which today have become an industrial standard and in continuous evolution. In addition, Dr. Brandt Gmbh was the first company to have introduced the first commercially usable Load Cell. This concept of engineering innovation has been a part of Dr. Brandt Gmbh from the beginning. Dr. Brandt Gmbh supplies complete solutions for the control in the processes through high quality and precision components such as load cells from 0,5 T to 2000 T, Pressure Transducers from 500 Bar to 2500 Bar (other values on request), to meets the specific needs of the Customer. ATEX certified versions are also available for ISO 9001 certified safety critical applications. The calibration services offered by Dr. Brandt Gmbh provide an increased safety and efficiency for even the smallest modfications to system, requiring recalibration to allow the system's measurement sensors to function perfectly. With our mobile calibration tools, including the reference force sensor, evaluation unit and corresponding tensioning belts, we are able to perform precise measurements for products from different manufacturers. Regular checking, certification and, if necessary, adjustment of the current zero point and nominal force result in an optimal and smooth workflow to be obtained during operation, and ensure that your processes can be successfully audited. These achievements combined with the constant commitment to engineering innovation, innovation desire and the experience over the years, have confirmed Dr. Brandt Gmbh as a market leader in Measuring Systems and Detection of the Forces and achievement of new products in order to adapt to the customer needs. 

The Main Application fields of the Dr. Brandt Gmbh tools are:

  • Strip tension for steel, aluminum, non-ferrous metal
  • Paper Industry
  • Rolling force measurement
  • Force and weighing measuring technology
  • Civil and Industrial Industry
  • General Construction
  • Power Plant Engineering, Wind Turbines,

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